Ms. Lesgart is a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Fraud Examiner, a Certified Valuation Analyst, and Certified in Financial Forensics, with over 30 years accounting experience. She provides specialized accounting and litigation support services in all phases of family law litigation including cash available for support; business valuation; tracing of assets; pension plan tracing; Moore-Marsden calculations; post-separation accounting; stock option and other employee benefit analysis and tracing; hidden assets; unreported income and the all-important final negotiation phase of most divorces.

Ms. Lesgart is also an expert in general forensic accounting; commercial litigation; fraud investigations; trust and estates; and real estate related litigation. In addition, Ms. Lesgart, for ten years through December of 2008, actively managed approx. 300,000 square feet of commercial, industrial and residential property in Burbank, CA, which gives her a unique insight into real estate and business issues.

Ms. Lesgart has qualified as an expert in most Southern California Court venues and has presented both written and oral expert witness testimony on hundreds of occasions. She has been appointed as the Evidence Code §730 joint accounting expert directly by the Court, as well as selected by the lawyers, in numerous divorce cases.

On November 2, 2010, Ms. Lesgart was accepted as a volunteer CPA Settlement Officer by the Los Angeles Superior Court office of Alternative Dispute Resolution for the Family Law Department.

In December of 2010, after many years of training and a rigorous two-day test, Ms. Lesgart earned a Black Belt in WTF Taekwondo. She competed in the Women’s Ultra Sparring division on a national level earning a bronze medal in 2010. Since 2017, Ms. Lesgart began training in a Muay-Thai kick boxing gym.

Finally, Ms. Lesgart is fully English/Spanish bilingual. Her bi-cultural background is a significant asset in understanding and properly counseling clients of all backgrounds in the increasingly multi-cultural Los Angeles market.

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