Initial Consultation is FREE – If you send us paternity or crime lab reports, we will lend you our expertise to help you understand your situation, as well as what we can do to help.

All phases of case file review: We provide free initial consultation, produce official opinions, write affidavits, provide science Q&A, write synopses, provide consultation, and do research on topics, as well as testify on these matters (and likely anything else you need from our tool shed of abilities).

Court Testimony: We Testify for both the prosecution and the defense. Accepted as an expert in Military, Federal, District, State, Family, Civil, Immigration, and International Courts. These courts have all unanimously vetted our expertise while none have disapproved.

Subject Matter Expertise: Covering biology, serology, DNA, paternity, evidence control, and crime scenes (and more). We have always been accepted, by all courts, as an expert for any topic in these or similar arenas.

Typical Cases: Most often we handle criminal, military, and civil cases involving murder, sexual assault, robbery, paternity (or other kinship), or any cases involving crime scene and crime lab reports covering DNA, biology, or paternity reports. We also handle other cases or situations where our background, training, and expertise is useful.

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